Sho oby Sound
Sho oby Sound
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Sho oby Sound is a llttle pet friend giving time, talking, playing music and games. When you talk to its mirophone, it replies to you, changing its character depending on its mood and the time of the day. You can record some voice messages by pressing its nose, and program an hour to play it with special sound effects. You can also hide a little message in its ear.

If you put 2 Sho obys face to face, they communicate and start to sing together. 

Each Sho oby can be connected to the “Sho oby Sound APP”, with a wire in ear plug, to choose Sho oby's character and features. You can share some Sho oby voice messages and smileys with friends, choosing special time and date to play it.

And more, you will find many ideas and designs on the website and Facebook page to customized you Sho oby !

Note: All “Sho oby Sound” designs, contents, softwares and systems have been developped by Electromantik and are the entire property of Electromantik. TM & © Electromantik. All rights reserved.